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Plan publikacji webkomiksów

Znajdziesz tu harmonogram publikacji nowych rozdziałów moich webkomiksów.

Aktualnie udostępniam komiksy na portalu Webtoon i Tapas w języku angielskim, ale planuję udostępnić je też w języku ojczystym oraz na innej stronie. 

Expect a new chapter every Monday


Pentagram Alchemist Online

The Story of an Unusual Duo... She - a fearful, tearful, insecure teenager yearning for love, just like in manga. He - a 17th-century demon who accidentally ends up in her body. A recipe for drama and comedy, especially since they're being pursued and closely monitored by a whole team of agents tasked with protecting humanity from him... The genre of this comic would be a mix of romance, dark fantasy, and comedy. The comic was released in Poland in 3 volumes 

Expect a new chapter every Tuesday

Artificial People: Deity

A.P. Deity - Babel is not your average teenager, but an artificially created deity. Soon, she will be ordained, but there's a problem... she doesn't want to! An adventurous life sounds so much better than sitting in a temple. Shinji was cursed as a child. Seeking revenge, he wants to eliminate all deities and create a new, fair world. But he meets Babel, who brings a smile to his face. Will Shinji follow through with his revenge? Will Babel settle down? Read to find out!!

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This title is in planning and not yet released.

Shine Ya Light

After a car accident, the main character, Shine, loses her memory and wakes up to find three men, each claiming to be her fiancé. Unable to remember them, and with their stories full of inconsistencies, she must slowly piece together the puzzle of her past. The comic follows her intriguing journey as she unravels the mystery to find out who's telling the truth."

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