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How did your adventure with comics start?

Michalina Daszuta is a talented comic book author who made her debut in 2014, publishing her first comic "Exitus Letalis" in cooperation with Kotori publishing house. This comic book gained wide recognition and popularity, which prompted Michalina to continue her work and successively publishing subsequent volumes of her stories.

Under the pseudonym Kattlett, she published not only the six volumes of "Exitus", but also the two-volume comic book "Artificial People Magenta" and two novels "HFOD" and "PRIZE". Her works gained so much popularity that the sale of comics expanded beyond specialist stores, and also found their way to the Empik chain and

Passion for artistic creativity prompted Michalina to study creative media and gamedev, which allowed her to further develop her skills. She then set up her own company, publishing three volumes of the Pentagram Alchemist comic book and running an author's shop, which she had to close in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The change in the world situation influenced Michalina, who decided to work in the gaming industry and started working at Boombit on mobile games. In addition, he collaborates with the popular marketplace, creating satirical comics about Geffi and Asako.

In the near future, Michalina plans to convert her Polish published volumes into English and publish them as webcomics. She will continue her work, striving to develop and broaden her artistic spectrum.  

In 2023, Michalina Daszuta had the pleasure of collaborating with the singer Inee13, for whom she created the visual setting for the album titled "Manga", combining her passions for comics and art with music. 

In the years 2018-2020, Michalina Daszuta conducted drawing courses and workshops related to manga in cooperation with the Japanese language school Akari. Then, in 2021-2022, she created training courses on the basics of creating comics, which she made available on the Strefa Kursów portal.

Michalina Daszuta's style is distinguished by its characteristic manga style. Her cartoons are inspired by Japanese comics, which attracts readers' attention and makes her works not only original, but also full of expression and life. Thanks to this style, Michalina gained recognition in the world of comics and became an inspiration for many young artists.

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